LASER ENGRAVING is the process of using a low-wattage laser to generate heat that removes or alters the surface of a compatible material, and is widely considered the industry standard. The laser is emitted from a motorized head that moves back-and-forth above the object to be engraved, and flickers to create very small dots, just like an inkjet printer. This versatility gives laser engraving a huge range of uses, from making ADA/Braille signage to engraving detailed photographs of an award recipient on a plaque. Compatible materials include most wood, plastics, glass, crystal, and painted metals.

ROTARY ENGRAVING is the process of using a computer-assisted tool to physically etch into the surface of material. This can be accomplished through two distinct methods. The first and most common is “Diamond Dragging,” which pushes a diamond-tipped cutter through the surface of the material and then pulls to create scratches. The second is “Spindle Cutting.” This method involves a V-shaped carbide engraving head attached to an electronic spindle. The spindle quickly rotates the head as it penetrates, and is then pulled along, the material to be engraved. This method is capable of creating bolder, deeper impressions than Diamond Dragging.

LASER MARKING is a solution for creating high contrast, high resolution marks on a wide variety of surfaces, including most metals. The heat from a laser bonds a specialized chemical to the surface of the material (most often Stainless Steel) to create black lettering or images. The chemical bond is so strong that in most cases the black markings are as durable as the underlying original material. Laser marking is frequently used to create barcodes, logos, and fine text on substrates that would normally need to be etched with a diamond cutter in order to be engraved. The outcome is a lasting form of engraving that stands out from the background.

DYE SUBLIMATION is a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, and fabric. This technique allows us to create full-color representations on anything from license plates to name tags to drink coasters. We can also use this process to incorporate color into our custom plaques and awards!

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